It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Fi-na-lly some progress. Ideally I would have started decorating our home for Christmas at the 1st of December, but life happened and it took us a good while to actually set up the Christmas tree. In fact, it didn’t happen until the 16th of December! For a little moment I even thought: should we still bother? What a grinch-y thought, isn’t it?!

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My new all natural eye make up remover and all purpose spray cleaner

In the past two years I have become more and more conscious of how chemical most of our beauty and cleaning products are. While in the past I have been very interested in what effect food has on the health of my body (so an outwards effect as it were), my shift has focused the past years to what effect the things I use on my body and my environments has for the health of my body (an inwards effect as it were). I very much love learning new things in that realm and I have enjoyed researching and trying out new things! It caused me to try and make my own natural room sprays and I still very much enjoy using them these days…

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The end of our first season in Ty Mawr Wybrnant

We had just come home after church on Sunday morning and I had rushed-ly helped Nathan to open Ty Mawr in time when I passed this bridge. This is the little bridge that separates the National Trust property Ty Mawr Wybrnant where Nathan works (left) from the farmhouse where we live (right, not visible in this picture). Usually I just pass this bridge as a means to get to/leave home or to bring Nathan a little visit, but this time I stopped, sat down on the edge of the bridge and closed my eyes. The sun was shining on my face and I felt such a peace…

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Home update: creating a board game cabinet and a make-up and beauty corner in our bedroom!

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Yes that title is an absolute mouthful haha, but truly I did not know a better way to describe the changes (and in my opinion improvements) that we have made in our house in the past week. We have lived in our current house for eight months now and it feels like a lot of things have finally come together the past few weeks. But pfew there is still a lot we could do! I get impatient sometimes, but then I remind myself (or my wise hubby does it for me) that I just have to enjoy and appreciate the process of building our home. We are a newly married couple and we are still working on building a stable financial base and so sometimes we just have to be clever with what we have. And when we succeed in that it can be o so satisfying…

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Homemade rosehip syrup, it is so easy!

In our garden there is a gigantic rosebush. It has been planted by the people that used to live in our house before us and it has completely gotten out of control. I have big plans to ‘master’ it when it is the right time. When we just moved in, I hated this big rosebush. It had at that moment no roses and no rosehips, so all I saw was this big prickly and unattractive bush and I wanted it gone. It was (almost) literally, a thorn in my eye. But I must say that I have changed my mind about this rosebush after having lived here a while…

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All about our holiday to Italy (Amalfi coast & Naples)

As some of you may already have read, Nathan and I went on a holiday to Italy a couple of weeks ago. There were so many things that I wanted to share with you about our visit to Italy, but because of the move I have not been able to write about it until now! I won’t be telling you full on what we did every moment of every day, but I will be mentioning little snippets of our holiday and give recommendations and tips..

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We have moved into the cottage!

As I am writing this, I am actually writing this with pen and paper. It is the third day after we have moved into the cottage and we haven’t been able yet to set up our wifi and computer. I will type this out and upload the blog post when I can 🙂 As it is now, I haven’t seen myself in a mirror for over four days…

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How I like to prepare the guest bedroom for ‘long-term’ visitors

The past week my mother visited us for a couple of nights. The timing was ideal since it gave her the opportunity to have one more visit with us while we still live close to Cardiff. On top of that she was more than eager to help me pack for our big move, which was a in-win situation for me! I was thrilled to see her and I thought I would share how I usually try to prepare the guest bedroom for guests who stay more than one night…

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We are moving to the countryside! Plus our rental home: then and now

God is faithful and He always provides. After a period of worrying and not knowing what we were supposed to do, God reminded us in a very confronting way how me and my husband never should have doubted Him in the first place. After a long time of searching, applying and being rejected for jobs (Nathan for a new job and me just well.. A job) we heard extremely exciting news last week…

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The danger of comparising: an ongoing battle

As I am typing this, I am sitting behind my desk in my pyjamas and pink, fluffy dressing gown while my husband has just left for work. In between typing I take little breaks in order to munch on my breakfast, porridge, exciting huh?

Why am I saying this? I want to show you that I am going to be very open…

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