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How I like to prepare the guest bedroom for ‘long-term’ visitors

The past week my mother visited us for a couple of nights. The timing was ideal since it gave her the opportunity to have one more visit with us while we still live close to Cardiff. On top of that she was more than eager to help me pack for our big move, which was a in-win situation for me! I was thrilled to see her and I thought I would share how I usually try to prepare the guest bedroom for guests who stay more than one night. I emphasize TRY, because the busy-ness of daily life does not always allow me to do it!

When I have guests over, my aim is to make sure that our guests feel welcome and at ease. I want them to be able to make it ‘home-y’ for themselves. For me personally nothing feels less welcoming than being put in a messy ‘extra’ room where you feel like you are a nuisance. Although, I do have to add that the most important thing is of course how the hosts act towards me!

When guests come over I feel like the most important thing to do is to clear the guest bedroom out. When I stay somewhere for a longer period, I really appreciate it to be able to give my things a place. As one of our ‘spare’ rooms and the room in which our wardrobes are, our guest bedroom tends to get very cluttered (see gallery).

I make sure to clear the clutter out in order for our guests to have space to put their things down and to be able to move without having to worry about knocking something over.

I give the room a clean. I vacuum the floor and dust the surfaces. I make sure to refresh the bed linen and I put some fresh towels on the bed. When the guests come over, I make sure to let them know that there is an extra blanket on top of the wardrobe in case they get cold.

I recently made this frame in order for the guests to know the wifi password.

I make sure that the few necessities that I have put on the night stand table (such as a lamp, tissues and an alarm clock) are working and refilled if needed. I also like to put a test version of my Restful Nights room + linen sprays on the night stand table in case the guests like to spritz the bedroom before bed.
(Find the Restful Nights room + linen spray HERE)

Last but not least I usually try to add a couple of extra touches to the room. When the guests have never visited us before, I make sure to have some clean toothbrushes ready in case they have forgotten theirs (I then save the used toothbrushes of the frequently visiting guests in zip lock bags with their name on it). I also like to put some bottles of water ready in case they get thirsty in the night or in case they like to take a bottle with them when we go somewhere. For the late night snack-ers I make sure to have a savory and a sweet snack ready. There is nothing worse than being at someone else ‘s house and craving something! Usually I try to pick some reading materials out in case my guests want a little read. For my mother I made sure to put some interior design magazines ready since I know she loves those.

Are you, just like me, a huge fan of showing hospitality when guests stay over? And if so, which two things do you think have the biggest impact to making your guests feel at home?

Much love,

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